SP119 – JCR Computers Application Forms


The information you require to complete your customer application forms for signing are below. We recommend sending this request to your customer, once receiving it arranging to complete the form on their behalf while discussing with them on the phone, you can then send them the link to complete and sign the remainder of the form.

At the end of any application form you will find a button “Submit to Customer” This protects the page from being edited by the customer, other than their acknowledgement of the terms and conditions, completing the billing information and the signature panel information.

Once you complete the form, you can then save the form, and copy the link and send to your customer to review and sign electronically. TeraFi will then receive the form in the back end, generate a PDF and place into the CRM system for the customer, and commence the ordering process.

Please ensure you ask your customer to notify you once complete and then please notify us at accounts@terafi.me to commence the provisioning process.

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