Set up ‘Linkus For Google’ To Work With Linkus Clients

After installing ‘Linkus for Google’ extension, you need to choose a type of Linkus Client to work with the extension, then log in to the Linkus Client, so that you can use the extension to manage calls via Linkus Client.


Note: For Linkus Web Client, you need to refresh the Linkus Web Client page if you have
logged in before configuring the Chrome extension.


The result varies from the Linkus Client that will work with the extension.

The Chrome extension for Linkus Web Client

Tip: Hover your mouse over to check your extension number, extension name, domain of Linkus Web Client and missed calls.

Note: When you use the mini, pop-out Linkus Web Client for calls for the first time, you will receive the requests for microphone and notification from Google Chrome. Please approve the requests.
  • Make a call
  • Receive a call
  • Change extension presence and agent status
  • Quickly access Voicemails
  • Quickly access function keys
  • Quickly access call logs