Integrate HID-compliant Headsets with Linkus Web Client on ‘Linkus for Google’

After integrating HID-compliant headsets with Linkus Web Client on ‘Linkus for Google’, you can control Linkus calls via the connected headset.


To integrate HID-compliant headsets with Linkus Web Client on ‘Linkus for Google’, make sure the following requirements are all met:



Web Browser

Google Chrome: Version 87 or later

Linkus Web Client or later

Linkus for Google

3.2.0 or later


USB HID headset (Jabra, Yealink, EPOS, Poly, and more)


The Chrome extension can work with either Linkus Web Client or Linkus Desktop Client. The available features vary from Linkus Clients.
1. Make sure Linkus Web Client is in softphone mode, or you can NOT set up the HID-compliant headset as the audio device.

If not, select Web Client from the drop-down list.
2. Connect the HID-compliant headset to Linkus Web Client on ‘Linkus for Google’.
The HID-compliant headset is connected and displayed.
  • Microphone: Select the HID-compliant headset.
  • Speaker: Select the HID-compliant headset. Tip:You can click Test Speaker to test volume.
  • Ringing Device: Select the HID-compliant headset or any desired device.